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Sadly we will continue to see instability in the world markets although there will be recovery towards the end of the year, we could see values in property, fuels, stocks and shares and most commodities fall to a lower level, which in my humble opinion is good for our children and grandchildren but enough politics from me.

Aries (March 20-Apr. 19)

Please take care with investments in and be frugal and of course make sure you place your annual cures and enhancers as this will help lessen the effects and turn a potentially harmful year into a good one. Chinese astrology is not like western astrology. The whole idea of it is to be informed of what may come and how you can apply cures and enhancers to avoid potential problems and having the information in advance you can avoid many of the issues that are forecasted.

The information will also assist you to be prepared and to make informed decisions in that may affect your wellbeing and endeavours. You must know when and how to avoid bad influences during the Rat Geng Zi year. I know you will come across websites or other Feng Shui masters who will predict all sorts of doom and gloom for a particular animal in , please take this with a pinch of salt and enjoy a great as there are many positives aspects to the year.

Start preparing and placing your annual cures and enhancers, to ensure a trouble-free year and of course, make sure you check back each month for our monthly updates giving you even more control. Or you can use our professional Feng Shui software giving you even more control on an annual and monthly basis.

2020 All Chinese Calendars for Year of White Rat

This year we have combined the software with our annual cures kit to provide even better value. Those born in the year of the Horse may be affected by the incompatible influences of the year of the Yang Metal Rat Geng Zi. In saying this, we hope that those born in the year of the Horse are aware of possible difficulties they may encounter during the year and take extra care in whatever they do without taking undue risks.

The degree of influence varies from one person to another.

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One of the primary considerations is the heavenly stem of the year in which one was born, and I have written below how all of the twelve Zodiac animals can make the most of the year of the Rat and what to focus on in their life this year. As we come into the year of the Rat, we will need some exceptional cures and enhancers in to make the most of the year, and this is especially the case for individual animals.

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  • To find your animal sign, check the charts below. If you were born before February 4th Spring Begins , use the year before. If it is after February 4th, then use the same birth year. This is worth double-checking; as you would be amazed at how many people born in January or February get it wrong. Please do not start panicking if you are born in the year of the Horse as there is a huge amount you can do to make this year a good one.

    Although the Horse is the conflict animal for , this does not automatically condemn you to a terrible ; it just means the year may have a few more challenges and setbacks than you had hoped for, but there will still be a lot to look forward to! All of the 12 Chinese animals will have some area of their life that will require attention in although as you read below, you will see that some will have it easier than others; you have to take the good with the bad, unfortunately. I have written below how all of the 12 animals can make the most of the year of the Rat and what to focus on in their life this year.

    As we come into the year of the Yang Metal Rat, we will need some extraordinary cures and enhancers to make the most of the year, and this is especially the case for individual animals. Although similar in some ways, Chinese astrology and western astrology are two very different practises and should not be taken as the same thing.

    The flying stars in a home cannot only bring great luck into the house, but they can also cause a lot of problems, making it essential to create the right balance. Chinese astrology is also about knowing how the year ahead could turn out and what you should be aware of in your life for the year according to the Chinese Animals.

    Having an insight into how your year can go is an enormous advantage and will help you to make sure you focus on what needs to be done. Even if you are foretold problems in the year ahead, this helps you to know what to avoid and workaround to make the year a success. Prevention is usually the best solution when you are predicted a troublesome year; if you read below that your animal could suffer from regular minor illnesses, you can then focus on your health for the year and create a healthy eating plan along with regular exercise.

    Knowing what could take place in the year ahead can help with good and bad aspects of your life; if you read below that your animal can advance in their career this year, it would be wise to dedicate time to your work and take on a more active role in the workplace. We spend a great deal of time researching the 12 Chinese animals for the year ahead to make sure that the advice and information we give is as accurate and detailed as possible.

    Chinese Horoscope 2020 Predictions

    When reading your analysis for your Chinese animal for , I would recommend taking the time to read through carefully and even print we have a printer friendly version on most pages it out so you can check back on it regularly throughout the year when making big decisions to help you make the most of your year and avoid problems that could take place in The best advice I can give you for the year of the Rat is to make sure that you prepare early! Every year, we receive thousands of emails and calls during the week before Chinese New Year asking if we can get a cures kit over to Australia in three days or what to do with the south of the home as Tai Sui is located there for the year.

    Although we ship orders very quickly, it is out of our control to send the annual cures and enhancers kit across the world in a few days and luckily, we have noticed that people are a lot more prepared in recent years ordering the Cures and enhancers in November and December in order to make sure everything is ready for the year ahead and there is no mad rush in February, and we thoroughly recommend you do this also. Another vital resource for the year of the Rat is the Flying Star Analysis. If you are unsure how to map the Flying Star chart for your home, I would recommend taking a look at our Academy of Feng Shui Flying Star software as this will not only plan your home, it will also give you a full analysis for every sector of your home or office.

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    We have always worked on the ethos of offering alternatives to Feng Shui cures for people who do not want to use them or cannot afford them; although it is not as effective, we always believe that the options should be given. You will also see on our site that we have plenty of ways to quickly get in contact to ask us questions or advice.

    We have been writing Chinese Animal predictions for over twenty years, and while we always state the facts, we will always offer a solution to any problems that may arise. Please take the advice that you read with a pinch of salt and have a fantastic year of Rat. As I mentioned above, those born in the year of the Horse may be affected by the energy of the Rat year as the Horse is the conflict animal for the Rat year.

    Although the Horse may encounter problems in , once you are aware of the potential issues, the Horse can do a considerable amount to avoid these problems fully materialising with avoiding risks and dangers.

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    • If you are unsure of your Chinese Animal, take a look at the link below to use our free calculator and characteristics of each Chinese Animal. To find your animal sign, open the link above and locate your date of birth. Rat Chinese animal annual prediction. Click here to find out more….

      Rat Compatibility

      Ox Chinese animal annual prediction. The Ox is in for a beautiful year with very little to say on the negative side, which is nice to be able to tell you as many Oxen deserve an excellent year especially those born in and Career and those in business for themselves will climb to new heights this year, providing you apply yourself and work hard and smart… Click here to find out more….

      Tiger Chinese animal annual prediction. It will be a different and non-conflicting year of good and not so good not that bad though and a year of learning; investment opportunities and career change with some slight negative side to the year although if you follow my advice you can have a great year. Rabbit Chinese animal annual prediction.


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