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The ZET main window title bar displays details of the current event data.

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The Status bar at the bottom of the window shows the longitude and latitude at the mouse pointer, and the map scale factor current in use. To pick coordinates for birth or event data, zoom in on the region of interest see the section below , position the mouse pointer, and click the right mouse button. From the popup menu select "Utilize Coordinates". Note: if you pick coordinates from an empty region i. To animate the tableau use the Dynamics of Time and Dynamics of Location control panels. These are useful primarily for astrocartographical research.

The 'current location' markers indicated by the red spot core data or the blue spot background data can be repositioned with Drag, Marquee Zoom, and Measure tools unselected : click on a marker with the mouse and drag it to its new position while holding down the mouse button.

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The map is capable of 12 zoom levels. The magnification doubles or halves at each zoom step. The current map scale factor appears on the Status bar. The display of city names is adjusted automatically at each zoom level. The quantity and the style of map legends displayed is adjustable on the Misc. Introduction to Astrocartography. One method of astrocartography calculates points on the Earth at which the planets of the horoscope chart appear conjoined with the chart's angles i.

Let's consider what this means.

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Less evidently, if we draw lines connecting the places in which planets are in major aspect to the Asc-Desc axis, then we will arrive at sinusoids. By mathematical interpolation we can derive loci for the intermediate cusps and houses. From the astrological point of view, we are especially interested in geographical points - and by extension, the latitude - at which two natal planets are simultaneously conjoined with the angles of the horoscope chart.

Relocation Astrology! Finding the PERFECT place for big moves, vacations and more!—with Heather

The map depicts these as the intersection of two projection lines. These points of intersection are the so-called parans , and their astrological interpretation is broadly as follows: if you want success, relocate to a place where Jupiter is at MC.

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If you want to get married, move to where your natal Venus is on the Descendant, and so on. See the above graphic for an example of these astrolocality lines. There are two variations on this technique of astrocartographical projection. The first is concerned with lines covering places at which a planet of interest is precisely on the Ascendant , i.

In the second, places on the globe are considered of interest at which the planet crosses the horizon and similarly, the celestial meridian and prime vertical. While broadly similar, these variant techniques produce somewhat different results when a planet 'has latitude', i. ZET caters for both these variants of astrocartography.

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Local Space Astrology. In the Local Space Astrology method of astrocartography, the celestial coordinates of planets are translated into a system of horizontal coordinates i. While Local Space projections can be depicted on the Geographical Map, the Local Space chart can also be displayed on the Chart tableau. It contains a compass rose to remind you that bearings are being represented:.


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Past trends are projected forward, so Angel can identify specific periods of time down the road that might be critical for certain areas of your life. According to Angel, it can be especially powerful to travel on your solar return your birthday and demi-solar return half-birthday. There might be places that will be good to you, Angel says, but not if transiting Pluto is about to hit a major hub or something.

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We travel based on instincts and emotional responses, because we feel like in a different place we can be a different person. All of a sudden, everybody sees you. Kastalia Medrano is Thrillist's Travel Writer. Share on Facebook Tweet this article Pin it Email. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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How exactly does travel astrology work?