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And Pluto gets your instincts into the game. If you've followed something other than your natural instincts, it's a time of paying for it, and sometimes payback is rough. What's eclipsing your ability to live out your identity in a vital way? Pluto is there to get to the bottom of it. And if you're life is top heavy with a structure that's an outgrowth of a hobbled, inhibited or overly socially conditioned psyche, that's when the ordeal of loss begins.

Robert Wilkinson of Aquarius Papers writes that "when Pluto approaches a planet, it is as though something of extraordinary importance, even ominous, feels like it's coming.

How You Will Die, According To Astrology, Pluto, And The 8th House

So relax into the hard aspects when you're dealing with them, and remember that the outer planets help us reshape our response to our higher self and the eternal process of transformation. A Pluto transit can bring death, but it can also bring us radical transformation. In her Survival Tips for the Pluto Transi t, Lynn Koiner suggests moving the intense energies with physical exercise, and purposeful letting go.

That Pluto transits bring on a feeling of powerlessness, that we can meet with actions that are within our power. Like getting rid of what's superfluous. Lynn writes, "Pluto transits occur when one is about to make a great new leap forward, to leave the past behind and embrace a new beginning.

Looking on the bright side, a transit of Pluto to the Sun is like a crash remedial course in the true self. It potentially unlocks personal power and creativity, that's been going into your life before. Here are some ways the aspects can play out. Here are some myths about death and astrology.

And please don't go around using them as death indicators because they really won't work and are just doing the rounds to fool you!!! People die on a transit. Many think that their 'death' was arriving shortly in the form of a heavy transit from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or Pluto.

No one can die on transit. It has to be backed up in the progressions, firstly. And there may be 'other' indicator present, such as an eclipse, plus a transit. These two or three pieces to the recipe for Death must be in place before something serious and major happens. Nothing major happens on a transit. Everything major occurs with progressions.

Saturn is a death indicator. And no, Saturn isn't the only death planet indicator.

The Death of Michael Jackson - an Astrological Perspective - Joseph Polansky

It is one of many, as you will see. Any and all the planets, including the Uranian ones, can be involved in a death. I don't know anything about all that asteroid stuff.

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I'm more than busy enough trying to synthesize the planets, angles, etc My dad a Gemini died at the age of 56 when I was I couldn't ever get a birth time, so I never bothered looking too closely at his placements. The aspect that stands out most to me was that transitting Pluto had a very tight opposition to his natal Sun-Saturn Midpoint when he died. I know Pluto rules "ultimate" death like Uranus is "accidental" death, etc He had a massive coronary artery explosion and dropped dead right where he stood. Anyway, here it is the post in it's entirety without any editing A natural death may be judged to ensue when there are no other signs in the horoscope to the contrary.

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A violent or accidental death occurs when the Sun and Moon are afflicted by a malefic, and when no assistance is given by Jupiter or Venus. Again, when the sun is afflicted by one malefic, and the Moon by another, or when the Moon alone is afflicted by more than one malefic, or the Sun alone by more than one, providing always that no assistance be given by Jupiter or Venus, then a violent death ensues.

The afflicting planets being in the violent signs - Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn - is an additional sign of violence; also if the Sun or Moon be in these signs. The following aspects occuring in a horoscope give a warning of a violent death:- 1. Mars afflicting Sun and Moon by conjunction or aspect, or afflicting one of the luminaries only, and elevated above it.

1. The 8th House and the sign of Capricorn.

The Sun or Moon afflicted by the malefics in the first, fourth, sixth, eight, or tenth house. A malefic in the first or eight, or on the cusp of the seventh, if at ther same time afflicting the luminaires, or one of them. Malefics opposing one another from angles, particularly from violent signs or cardinal signs. Both the Sun and Moon afflicted by one or more of the malefics, if one of the luminaries and one of the afflicting planets be in a violent sign.

Myth about Death in Astrology

Both luminaries luminaries afflicted by a malefic, one of the luminaries being oriental. Two malefics attacking the same luminary 8. Pluto and Neptune must both be considered as malefic planets if they are afflicted by adverse aspects, especially of the Sun, Moon, Mars or Saturn. If in private life through such catastrophes as mine disasters, underground subway crashes, train collidings, etc. Neptune in the eight will bring a danger of drowning, of poison or of death through wrong drugs being taken or administered or of overdose of an anaesthetic or narcotic, or even alcohol.

If, with these indications, you find Jupiter or Venus in trine or sextile to the afflicted, then danger is averted by strange interventions, or hairbreadth escapes will be made. When the afflicting planets are to human signs - Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius - dthe death will be by human means.

The eight and fourth houses have chief signifaction in the matter, and the planets in them, together with their aspects, will indicate the nature of the death. Violent planets, such as Uranus and Mars, or Saturn and Neptune, when in violent signs, are testimonies of an untimely end.

How to Predict with Transits – Astrology Tutorial

When Neptune is the afflicting planet, he causes deaths by ambush and treachery, by drowning and by strange spiritual causes. There is danger of trance or simulated death, which must be carefully watched. With Uranus as the cause of evil, death results in some extraordinary and remarkable manner. It inclines to suicide, especially if Mercury be found weak and badly afflicted, or Venus afflicted by Saturn or Uranus, and the luminaries also afflicted.

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Saturn causes death by crushes, fractures, falls, drownings etc, according to its sign and house. Mars causes death by burns, cuts, loss of blood, scalds, ruptures, frenzy, and in battle. The exact nature is usually judged by the sign occupied by Mars, but the house occupied by Saturn and Uranus must also be considered, in addiction to the signs they are in. The planet Mars has special signification of the cause of death according to the sign it occupies, whether human, animal, airy, fiery, earthy, etc.

Observe always whether the malefics afflicting the Sun or Moon are elevated above the luminary or the reverse; for when you find the malefic so afflicting, and in elevation above the luminary, it is a sure sign of a violent death.