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Different shapes and structures-slim, short and fat lengthy structures. Female get charming eyes and permanent nose.

Ear, throat, shoulder blades. Lone face and handsome, long thigh. Identification mark on face or on the backside of head. Lungs, stomach and ribs.

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Difficult to describe or define body of Pushya Nakshtra-varying size noticed- Generally medium. Some type of scar on the face or a mole on the fact. Prominent neck and hairy body. Mole in the hands or beneath the shoulders. Medium size but innocent looking.

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Females have long hair. Stout body-mixed complexion but attractive personality. Snubbeds nose. For females-dobleschin with medium height. Normally a tall and fat figure.

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Long nose and a mole on the right side of the neck. For females, medium height soft body but with a bigger nose. Tall and stout but short hands-Mixed type of complexion-Mark scar type on the upper right hand or beneath the shoulder. Female are very beautiful, attractive with soft body.

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Actresses and beauty queen may belong to this Nakshtras. Lean, stout and tall body-peculiar structure for recognition. We are a professional face reading service provider with considerable expertise in cultural sensitivities, ethnic and ethnographic differences, physiological communication, detailed divination, and powerful observation techniques. Our experienced face reader displays higher perception and reveals the customer's multiple layers of personality with astonishing and astounding accuracy and success rate.

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Shri Bhavani Mata centre follows an insightful and innovative approach in the field of predictive sciences. We employ the services of only the best face reader in Mumbai and guarantee our esteemed customers with true character analysis and perfect personality profiles.

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True communication and information tools are used for enhanced face reading skills for understanding the customer's conscious and subconscious minds. This ensures dependable divination of personality, attitudes, and behavioural traits.

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