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Since , Saturn has been cruising through Sagittarius, the constellation associated with discovery, philosophy, and spirituality. Over the past three years, we've seen a rise in industry-transforming technology think of services such as Uber and Lyft , radical shifts in the media industry, and renewed interest in astrology and occultism my personal favorite consequence of Saturn in Sagittarius. On December 19, Saturn said au revoir to Sagittarius and moved into the Capricorn constellation, where it will coast for three years.

Cosmic Relation

Saturn will briefly shift into Aquarius from March to July , but will officially complete its Capricorn cycle on December 17, Saturn is the natural ruler of Capricorn, so its return to this constellation serves a cosmic homecoming. Though the stoic planet prefers not to show its excitement, Saturn is actually happy in its like-minded Capricorn domicile. Both Saturn and Capricorn govern the patriarchy, economy, government, and big business, so over the next three years, we can expect massive transformations to occur within our institutional structures.

Saturn last cruised through Capricorn from February 13 to June 9, , and then from November 11, to February 6, Read on for my answers to some of the most crucial questions about your Saturn return, including how to harness its energies to inspire positive growth.

Simply put, your Saturn return occurs when this taskmaster planet moves back into the constellation it occupied at the time of your birth. It takes Saturn approximately Your first Saturn return serves as your cosmic coming-of-age: It's the push you need to get to the next phase of adulthood. Before our Saturn return, we are a construction of outside influences: We are living the lives imposed on us by our parents, teachers, peers, and general society. Generally speaking, this three-year period — which includes some intense moments as Saturn gets closer to its precise degree in your birth chart — is defined by the growing pains of radical transformation.

Once our Saturn return is complete, we are finally free to live our best lives as we define them. Punctual Saturn thrives on rules and regulations, so the rigid planet imposes structure on whichever constellation it tours. When Saturn returns to Capricorn, however, the planet feels right at home: Capricorn — the ambitious earth sign associated with hard work — is ruled by Saturn, so this transit is actually very complementary. If your Saturn return is kicking off, you can be sure to expect massive changes to occur in your career and public image.

On a macro level, Saturn in Capricorn will directly impact institutional systems. There will be abundant shifts pertaining to authority, government, and large-scale corporations.

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And with Pluto — the planet of rebirth — also cruising through Capricorn, transformations will be inescapable. Saturn return is a big deal, and it may be painful. Alternatively, if your experience thus far has been plagued by challenges, hardships, and difficult choices, Saturn will reward your resilience.

The Importance of Your Saturn Return in Astrology

When your actions -- especially your work in the world -- are aligned with your inner Saturn, you experience a sense of integrity and satisfaction. When you're out of alignment, you feel Saturn's shadow -- restriction, lack and fear. Your Saturn Return -- which typically kicks in around age 27 or 28 -- is a time of coming into alignment with your life's true path. Work tends to be a major theme, and many make significant career changes during this time.

The Mysteries of Saturn with Dr. Arjun Pai

Don't think that you're "too old" to take your work in a new direction, or even go back to school for training in an entirely different field. Saturn rules longevity and old age and wants you to imagine yourself at age 80, looking back on your life.

The Astrological Planets: The Social Planets: Jupiter & Saturn

What do you want to have accomplished? What will you regret not doing because you were afraid to take a risk? Saturn will give you very clear signals if you're not aligned with your calling and pursuing your passions. Those who ignore the signs and resist change could be forced by circumstances into a new line of work. Saturn is the "tough love" planet, whose lessons can feel harsh.

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  6. However, whatever losses you experience during your Saturn Return are really helping you in the long run, compelling you to come into integrity with your truth. Because your Saturn Return is typically a time when you have to "make your own luck," don't expect work opportunities to come falling out of the sky.

    Be willing to be humble and start small. If you're interested in pursuing a new path and don't yet have the experience to land a paying job, then volunteer your time. If you can't afford to go back to school full-time, start by taking a class at a community college. When you demonstrate your commitment to your goal by taking one concrete step in that direction, Saturn will reward your effort. If you're willing to work hard, take responsibility, face your fears and let go of the past, your Saturn Return can be a time of major achievement.

    The Saturn Return is a time of significant endings and beginnings, and relationships are no exception -- both weddings and divorces are common. This is a "make it or break it" transit, when you are ready to commit, one way or the other, and when you will receive clear signals to guide you. If you're already in a partnership at the start of your Saturn Return, the relationship will be tested.

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    The Saturn Return calls for personal growth and major life changes, and your partnership will also have to grow and change if it is to survive. Now is the time to address any issues that have been lurking beneath the surface, and to take responsibility for making necessary adjustments in how you relate. Plenty of partnerships do survive the Saturn Return -- and ultimately achieve a deeper level of love and commitment.

    Honesty, flexibility and a willingness to release old habits and take a more mature approach are the keys to success. If you start a new relationship during your Saturn Return, expect your sweetie to "play Saturn" -- triggering your insecurities, and pushing you to step up and take greater responsibility for yourself.